Weighted Blankets

All of our weighted blankets are completely custom and handmade to suit your exact needs. We make them in a few different sizes including our kids size and the older teen/adult size. 

Below, you will find some examples of our work, a size and pricing guide and our very helpful FAQ. 


Sizing and Price Guide

Kids Size Weighted Blankets (4ft x 5ft)

Up To 5 lbs---Solid Color $65.00---Themed $75.00

----------6 lbs---Solid Color $72.00---Themed $82.00

----------7lbs----Solid Color $79.00---Themed $89.00

----------8lbs----Solid Color $86.00---Themed $96.00

----------9lbs----Solid Color $93.00---Themed $103.00

---------10lbs---Solid Color $100.00-Themed $110.00

Older Teen/Adult Size Weighted Blanket (5ft x 8ft)

10-13 lbs----Solid Color $130.00--Themed $145.00

14-17 lbs----Solid Color $160.00--Themed $175.00

18-20 lbs----Solid Color $190.00--Themed $205.00

We do offer weight options heavier than 20lbs. We have found, however that 20 lbs is normally sufficient in providing the proper therapeutic pressure for most clients. This is especially the case if the client has never experienced a weighted blanket before. If you are interested in learning about our blankets over 20lbs please do not hesitate to ask. We want to make your order exactly the way you want it!




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