Weighted Blankets

Have you been looking all over Oklahoma City, Moore or Edmond for weighted blankets? Have you ordered one online and found the product quality to be poor and the price to be too high? 

Have you heard about all of the amazing reviews for weighted blankets, but can't find more information? SpectrumTalk Weighted Blankets is here for you. All of my weighted blankets are custom made by hand. I am completely available to discuss any and all questions and concerns. I also have a FAQ section on the weighted blanket page that will help answer most questions. I only use the highest quality materials with the highest safety rating, and I offer multiple weighted blanket sizes including kids weighted blankets, teen size weighted blankets and adult weighted blankets. For all of your weighted blanket needs in Oklahoma City, Moore, Edmond or anywhere else in the state of Oklahoma...SpectrumTalk Weighted Blankets is your go-to custom weighted blanket shop.

We also ship our custom made weighted blankets outside of Oklahoma, so if you are wanting to place an order but you live out of state, no problem! If you were wanting to order a weighted blanket as a gift for a loved one in another state, we will take care of getting it shipped out just in time!

What Kinds of Issues Do Weighted Blankets Help With?

We have had numerous clients with countless reasons for ordering a weighted blanket either for themselves or for a child / loved one. Here are some of the most common:

  • Autism

  • RLS

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Arthritis

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Unable to Stay Asleep At Night

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

All of our weighted blankets are completely custom and handmade to suit your exact needs. We make them in a few different sizes including our kids size and the older teen/adult size. 

Below, you will find some examples of our work, a size and pricing guide and our very helpful FAQ. 


Sizing and Price Guide

Kids Size Weighted Blankets (4ft x 5ft)

Up To 5 lbs---Solid Color $65.00---Themed $75.00

----------6 lbs---Solid Color $72.00---Themed $82.00

----------7lbs----Solid Color $79.00---Themed $89.00

----------8lbs----Solid Color $86.00---Themed $96.00

----------9lbs----Solid Color $93.00---Themed $103.00

---------10lbs---Solid Color $100.00-Themed $110.00

Older Teen/Adult Size Weighted Blanket (5ft x 8ft)

10-13 lbs----Solid Color $130.00--Themed $145.00

14-17 lbs----Solid Color $160.00--Themed $175.00

18-20 lbs----Solid Color $190.00--Themed $205.00

We do offer weight options heavier than 20lbs. We have found, however that 20 lbs is normally sufficient in providing the proper therapeutic pressure for most clients. This is especially the case if the client has never experienced a weighted blanket before. If you are interested in learning about our blankets over 20lbs please do not hesitate to ask. We want to make your order exactly the way you want it!


Frequently asked questions

How do I order a weighted blanket?

To order a weighted blanket, simply fill out the contact form below and enter in the information regarding your order in the message. It's okay if you don't know exactly what size is best for the individual that will be using the blanket. Another way to order is by going to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spectrumtalk and sending us a message.

How do I know how much weight I need?

The best therapeutic pressure is about 10% of the users bodyweight, give or take. This is a rough formula that works very well, but each person is different and prefers different levels of heaviness. If the user is over 200lbs, we normally recommend staying with a 20lb blanket depending on several factors. Usually a little lighter is much better than too heavy and many times we have found that our clients over 200lbs actually prefer their blankets to be slightly lighter. For kids sizes, we always round up and have even added a couple of lbs for some of our clients so that the blanket will provide therapeutic properties for a longer period of time as the child grows. Example: if you weigh 180 lbs, you would be best suited for an 18lbs blanket. Example: if a kid weighs 43 lbs, we would suggest a 5lb blanket with an option for 6lbs. Example: if your father weighs 240, we would suggest a 20lbs blanket.

What fabric are the blankets made of?

We usually make them with soft fleece material for a few reasons. Fleece is a stronger, more durable fabric that stands up to rough handling and washes. It is reasonably priced so that we can offer a lower priced product, but a durable and well-made product. Lastly, we listen to our customers and we have found that fleece is the primary preferred fabric when ordering out weighted blankets. Although we primarily use fleece, we have and will use other fabrics. We have made them with minky, cotton and cotton/poly mix. One thing to keep in mind when choosing fabric types are the material pricing and the width of the fabric bolts. Most cotton for instance, comes in about 43" width, meaning it requires twice the material to make the same blanket in cotton as it would in another fabric that is already about 60" wide.

How do I wash my weighted blanket?

Our weighted blankets are made with materials that are all safety rated for washer and dryer use. To wash your weighted blanket simply wash in the washer on cold and dry by hang drying or tumble dry on low. Although the materials are technically safe for washer/dryer use, we do advise all of our clients to be very careful with blankets over 15lbs. We suggest that they are hand washed and hang dried or taken to a an industrial wash center like a laundry mat. This is to protect, not only the blanket but your personal washing and drying appliances.

Can I order a Queen or King size weighted blanket?

We do not make our weighted blankets to the exact comforter sizes for beds. We have two primary sizes; the kids size (4ft x 5ft) and the adult size (5ft x 8ft). We do not make them any bigger than our current adult size blanket because we want our customers to get the very most out of their weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are, more or less, used as therapeutic tools and the proper weight, as well as the proper distribution of that weight is very important to the therapeutic effect. If the blankets are too big, the weight will not be distributed properly over and around the user, which actually lessens the effect of the specific weight that is allocated for that specific user. With all of this said, we do offer the biggest weighted blankets available while also maintaining the proper distribution of therapeutic pressure.

Do I pick the fabric or how does that work?

We normally ask for a preffered color or theme with secondary options in case of issues with availability. We do all of the footwork for you, so you do not have to pick up or buy your fabric yourself. You tell us what colors you like or what kinds of themes you would prefer and we check on availability of them. We can normally do any and all solid colors, but have actually had to use secondary options even with solid colors during certain times of the year. If you want to purchase your own fabric, we do not have a problem with that at all. We will offer the customer supplied fabric discount to the order total. If you have questions regarding how much material you will need, please consult with us and we will let you know based on your order.

Why are these blankets so expensive?

We asked the same question. That is one of many reasons we got started in the first place. We quickly found out why. These blankets are very expensive to make. The profit margin for each SpectrumTalk weighted blanket is not very much. Fabric costs add up quickly when buying several yards, especially some themes or specialty fabrics. The specialty materials used for the weight of the blankets are not readily available in large quanitities so you have to have a private supplier, and they are very expensive. The weight is the number one cost factor for a properly constructed weighted blanket. Although, some people and even companies have used other types of materials for weight, we believe in only using the very best, safest materials for our product and it does cost more to do so. Every one of our blankets are handmade and the manufacturing process is very labor intensive. Every blanket requires hours of stategic construction, and most times cannot be done by a single individual. Our trademarked and patented design for our weighted blankets is absolutely one of a kind, and is specifically contructed to distribute the weight properly around the user. We have worked diligently to offer the highest quality weighted blankets for our customers at the very best price.

What does a weighted blanket do and what does it help?

A weighted blanket is simply a blanket that is designed with added weight that is specific to the individual using it. The added weight of the blanket provides added pressure much like a deep hug. The pressure is supposed to provide a calming and soothing effect, by causing the brain to release seratonin which is our "feel good stuff", which can be turned into melatonin which assists in calmness and sleep. Weighted blankets have been most commonly used to help children and adults with Autism, anxiety and Special Needs. SpectrumTalk Weighted Blankets has had several clients with countless issues ranging from sleeplessness to PTSD, from Autism to RSL, from Fibromyalgia to severe anxiety and from disabled veterans to children who simply have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night. Every single one of our customers have stated that they experienced benefits from using our weighted blankets.