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What Is SpectrumTalk?

This company has morphed, adapted and changed so much from when I first began, that I wanted to really put everything into perspective. Even though aspects of what I do have taken different turns along the way, my original intent and mission is still completely intact. In fact, every aspect of SpectrumTalk is centered around how it started and nothing has been changed as much as the company as a whole has taken its true shape.

The original purpose of SpectrumTalk was to provide a platform for real issues in the special needs community. I wanted to provide a place that everyone could follow along to learn from each other, come together and become stronger. I wanted to show the world what life with special needs really means. I didn't really know what that meant at the time, but I set out to do it. All I knew was I had a son who was clinically diagnosed with Autism at a very early age and that the level of support or information that I received was close to none. I didn't get a brochure about what I was supposed to do or what to expect.

My experience in business was and still is completely related to trial and error. A business partner and I started a furniture business before this. We basically had no budget and limited tools, but I painted and stained really well and he had experience in all of the technical parts like rebuilding and repairing. We inched along for awhile, but it was only inches that it ever moved. At first, we mainly just flipped furniture...meaning buy cheap or get for free and fix it up then sell it for a profit. Then the platforms that we used for selling online locally changed and so did the market. It just shifted at one point, and people weren't buying. We landed some pretty good size orders every so often, but if it wasn't a side business we would've died from starvation.

What we both took from that experience was just that...experience. I learned so much about business, interacting with customers, money and budget management, etc. I literally gained a business degree by just running a shoe string budget business. I knew after that experience that I wasn't done with the business world.

Then the blankets happened...

Needless to say, weighted blankets became the primary and only focus for SpectrumTalk after that. I didn't have time to blog or do a video about issues in the community. All I focused on was making blankets and perfecting my new craft. I spent every dime rolling back into materials and figuring out what to do next.

I started by making one for my son because every weighted blanket I had ever bought or seen was of poor quality or had issues that I didn't like or support. So, I fixed them for my son and found that everyone else was facing the same problems.

Then the yoga happened...

I started the long, arduous journey of training and, more or I wanted to teach kids yoga. My mother in law was opening a yoga studio, and I have a passion for kids so I figured I could just further my education and set out to do it. Next thing I knew, I loved it. I was working in a brand new yoga studio and started to venture out to get contracts for us. I met a lot of people along the way and fell into training for special needs kids yoga. I knew right then that all of the pieces were falling together. It all made sense and went hand in hand with the entire mission of SpectrumTalk. I started really digging into learning about fitness and wellness for special needs kids. I started teaching everywhere that I could. Then, just recently started working with another studio, Cornerstone Yoga in Moore, OK which I'm excited about because of the environment and the need for what I do in this community.

So, weighted next?

Along this journey, I've been a part of every ASD or special needs centered event that I could possibly make it to. I've spoken with amazing advocates and worked with companies and agencies that are really doing amazing things for the special needs community in their own right. I've learned a lot, and I continue to learn everyday. I actually strive to learn as much as I can from as many people as I can. I feel like it's my duty to be the best at what I do for the sake of all the peoples' lives that I will potentially affect.

Now, I'm still very focused on the weighted blankets, kids yoga and my advocacy. I still have some really cool things that I will be adding very soon that tie everything back into my initial business plan. It's going to be very exciting and you should definitely follow along for the ride, because the SpectrumTalk train has only just started to move!

Don't forget to follow SpectrumTalk-Weighted Blankets on Facebook! If you're interested in ordering a weighted blanket, signing up the kiddos for a yoga class or anything else please feel free to contact me directly via email @ or by message on Facebook. I always respond personally and will be glad to help!