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You can call me "The Weighted Blanket Lady"

You know that lady? The cat lady? The one that has all the cats, so you call her crazy? Well, that's me now but with weighted blankets instead of the cats.

When I decided to start making these weighted blankets, I literally thought that I would "MAYBE" find a couple of special needs mommies and daddies that would be interested. I thought, "Hey, I came up with a really good design that works and I could share this with a few people."

Little did I know that there are so many people that want these and truly benefit from them. To put it mildly, my holiday season has now become a hunched-over-the-sewing-machine-coffee chugging-endless hours and days of thread, cut, bobbin, stitch and repeat.

I'm not complaining. This has been the absolute greatest learning experience I have ever encountered, not only about my sewing craft but about people. This has opened the doors to discussions about the issues that so many of us face on a day to day basis. These are issues that are not blaring or easy to point out in public. These are underlying issues and conditions that are so often overlooked and ignored unless its happening to us personally.

I entered into this project wanting to help people and children, but had no idea to what extent I really would be affecting peoples' lives. I am utterly floored and even more excited now that I have found something that I can do really well to make a difference. This is hard work. But, the therapeutic assistance that it provides to so many people in need makes it so worth it.

I have now, more or less, got the hang of my initial design and I have looked at several others that are available. I think I've really come up with the best one for overall use and comfort. I wouldn't have really called myself a "sewing lady" or a "seamstress" by any means before this. I just started by teaching myself for my son. Then I had a vision to help others by getting better and learning more as I go.

I haven't quit everything and become a blanket millionaire by any means. In fact, I wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE. I mean that. I would NEVER tell anybody that they should think about sewing and creating anything out of fabric for a living. But, I guess I'm just crazy enough to love doing it and love helping others even more to continue.

This is only the beginning. I'm still working on getting the podcast up and running, but this curve ball that I threw myself has me VERY occupied for the time being. However, it will come together and I'm really looking forward to providing a truthful platform for people to discuss, talk, learn and listen to the voices of the ASD community and beyond. Until that time comes, you can find me at the sewing machine, music blasting in an attempt to drown out the dreadful drone of the foot pedal...only getting up to add more weight or fetch things for my boy angel...or boy demon (I have a 7 yo son and a dog. I'll let you decide which is which).

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