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Supergirl's Weighted Blanket

Why should the boys have all the fun?

Super Hero Girl Weighted Blanket with Super Woman, Bat Girl, Cat Woman and Wonder Woman

I have been so busy with the weighted blanket side of SpectrumTalk that I have sort of neglected the blog :(

However, I really wanted to write about a recent order I completed. All of my orders and every single one of my clients have a special place in my heart, but the kids blankets are REALLY special for me. It brings me great joy to create something for a child that not only acts as a therapeutic tool for them, but that is made out of their favorite color or theme. I swear, every blanket is "my favorite". I literally say that after I finish every blanket I think.

I especially love new and custom themed fleece weighted blanket orders, because it's almost always something different that I haven't actually done before. It's fun to see and work with all the different superheros, cartoons, comic book characters, etc.

So, when a client placed an order with me for a "super hero girl" themed blanket, I was ecstatic! I was even more ecstatic that I found something to fit and I just thought it was so cool that I wanted to share it with everyone. This was such an amazing find. It has Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Bat Girl and Super Woman!

Beans with her Super Girl Weighted Blanket

Meet Beans. The picture shows how comfy she is in her blanket, but my real life experience was even better. She was so excited when I handed it to her and her face just lit up! I was sure to inform her that it was a Super Girl Magic Blanket that will help her sleep so that she's able to handle all of the Super Girl things every morning. Beans, the Super Girl and her mother, Super Mom now have a Super Blanket!

If you are interested in ordering a weighted blanket for you or a loved one, please email me at or message me directly on Facebook at