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SpectrumTalk Presents: Custom Ordered Weighted Blankets

Trying to find solutions to everyday problems is hard. Just think how hard it is for people with spectrum disorders, PTSD and other issues that make it hard to cope as it is. If I am able to do something to offer any inkling of a solution for a problem that difficult, why not?

That is one of many reasons I've started custom making weighted blankets. It actually recently started as a small thing I wanted to do for a few people IF anybody was interested. I knew that my son used them and they seem to really calm and soothe him, so I figured maybe there are some people out there that could benefit from this.

Too many orders to count later...I've decided to fully incorporate them into what SpectrumTalk offers. It only makes sense to have them go side by side with the podcast, video and blog series for the ASD community.

I found that there are A LOT of people that need and/or want these. The problem is the price. They are really expensive, and I found out why very quickly. The materials that are needed to make them correctly and safely are NOT cheap! I have had orders that range from small baby blankets to BIG adult blankets, and the prices range accordingly but I'm doing everything I can to be fair and offer a lower price than the big companies, even if by only a fraction.

Another thing I didn't quite anticipate (Why? I do not know), was the learning curve for actually making them. For some reason, I thought "Hey, I'll just sew here and stitch there..." WRONG. At first, it was a job just to figure it all out. The thread and fabric that was rendered useless tells it all. I kept after it though, and I have a brand new, polished set of blanket making capabilities.

I'm really excited to have started this journey helping children and adults all over the place! The feeling of joy that sweeps over me when I complete another blanket and see how happy it makes somebody is sooo worth all of the hard work. I've got a lot of work to do to get the holiday orders done before Christmas, but it should make for a lot of great gifts!

If you or a loved one are interested in placing an order for a weighted blanket, please contact me through Facebook or send me an email!

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