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Have You Heard of Kids Yoga? How About for Special Needs?

It amazes me where my journey in life continues to take me. I started with a simple idea for a podcast to bring together parents, kids and professionals within the special needs community and have seemingly veered off track countless times, but have realized over and over again that I've never stepped foot off of my original path. I've just forged my own path forward in ways that are not as conventional.

Which brings me to my most current addition to my services/mission. I am a certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in Kids Yoga. I study and practice yoga on my own and with the help and amazing guidance of instructors and specialists. When I first heard about yoga for kids, I immediately wanted to go for it! There are just too many benefits that I know children all over the place need to be a part of.

Of course, being who I am and what I do, I started looking into how to incorporate a program for the special needs kiddos. So, I just did. Its not something that is offered hardly anywhere that I know of, probably because most people don't know much about the world of special needs, especially how to deal with kids on the spectrum or who suffer from learning/sensory issues.

I'm a special needs mom myself. So, I know how difficult it is to involve the kids in something or sometimes even go out with them in public places. The world is opening it's eyes to us...slowly...and I have definitely noticed more inclusive and exclusive activities for the community regarding special needs, but not enough.

With the amazing blessing of Dr. Kelley (owner and instructor for Holiday Yoga Studio), I offer full 1-on-1 Kids Yoga sessions for kids on the spectrum / special needs. I also have regular, larger classes for kids yoga, too. My main objective in providing 1-on-1 sessions is not to exclude the kids with special needs, but to offer a way to include them in a meaningful, more comfortable way. Any child is more than welcome in the regular group setting, but I want to have an option for those that have great difficulty participating or interacting in a group. I wanted to offer a way to reach them instead of just turning my back on them as much of our world seemingly does.

It warms my heart to see all of the smiles and hear the laughter from all the children in my classes. It makes me smile so big inside to see how calm they can be at the end of class after savasana. It means so much to me that they look forward to coming to class every week. That tells me that it's making a difference, and that is my goal in life; to make a positive difference in others' lives, especially those that need it the most.

If you are interested in signing up for a Kids Yoga session at Holiday Yoga Studio in Midwest City, OK please click the link below and fill out the small application form. FIRST CLASS ALWAYS FREE!!!