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1-on-1 Kids Yoga & Inclusion Theraplay

1-on-1 kids yoga sessions are some of my favorite, because I get to form to true bond and understanding of each child I work with. It gives me the opportunity to give them my undivided attention and focus, and it allows them to sink their full selves into the practice. My sessions are not like any other kids yoga classes because the skills and mechanisms I primarily focus on are not all about repetitive movements, stretches and postures. It is about building the self, practicing being the best person they can be through yoga.

One of my most recent clients have been doing 1-on-1 sessions for over a month now and she has grown and done so well, that I just have to talk about it. Her posture and body control have improved, her knee which has been previously injured has been healing and she has been able to use more and more. She has become stronger, happier and has found a passion for yoga practice to the point she has her own personal yoga mat and matching cup that go with her everywhere. She has built her self-confidence and practices on her own at home. She is also documenting her yoga journey on YouTube! She inspires me every week I get to see her!

Inclusion Theraplay is primarily a session for a child with some type of special needs but with siblings or family doing the class with them, which works hand-in-hand as a way of support. Every family and every child is different, but many times family support from siblings helps children with special needs gain more confidence and feel more comfortable during the sessions. Its such a great thing to see support from brothers, sisters or cousins and the way they all end up connecting through the session is an amazing experience.

Some of my Inclusion sessions I've found to be a good, healthy challenge for all of the kids, especially the ones with special needs. They all push each other to do something different or in a different way. They help each other master things and move forward. Once they start grasping some of the techniques, they want to try other stuff that may be more challenging. Every child learns to be their best self and to work at their own pace, and with encouragement from family I've witnessed them overcome personal obstacles based on that support. Its magical and amazing to witness and be a part of it. I love what I do and I love seeing each and every one of my clients on their personal journeys!

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