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Here's to the Beginning!

I have been an ASD mommy for almost 7 years now, and with all of the struggles and tribulations that come with it, I wouldn't trade it or my son for the world. There are so many people that have had their lives affected in some way by ASD and I am creating a place for those people and others to find a community and a source of real information unlike everything we see or read in the regular media sources.

Introducing SpectrumTalk

I came up with the idea for SpectrumTalk for a few reasons. First, and I don't know why, but people feel comfortable talking to me. People of all types reach out to me asking questions about ASD. Sometimes, I know the answers or have a personal experience that works. Other times, I don't know and I try to find out.

Second, I have a son that is on the spectrum, so I am always looking for information myself. Sometimes it's clinical or scientific information that I'm looking for and other times it's "how to make a sparkly bubbly calming bottle thing".

Third, the spectrum is so broad and diverse that most people don't really know what it really is. People misinterpret things and want to have an input regarding a topic they know nothing about. This leads to all kinds of confusion.

Even more importantly, many times ASD mothers feel voiceless. Nobody understands, so why say anything? Nobody cares or sees what they go through on a day to day basis, so why should they mention it?

These things led me to this. People want this. People need this. I know so many mothers, teachers, family and specialists in the ASD community that could benefit from something like this. I want to raise awareness. I want people within the ASD community who feel voiceless to have a place where their voice really matters; a place where their voice is actually one of intelligence and authority on the topic. I want to build and provide a place to listen and be heard; to learn and laugh; to find out I'm not the only person in the world dealing with these things.

So, I will be initially launching this as a podcast that can be downloaded online or on your phone. I will update everyone on

where you will be able to hear all of the episodes in the near future. At this point, I'm waiting on equipment to come in and then getting my interviews and episodes recorded. I will also have a series of videos uploaded on YouTube and Facebook along with more interactive chats and LIVE Q&As for everyone to check out.

I plan on covering a lot of ground with this. I'm not going to limit myself or my followers to a specific style or topic category, other than the obvious fact that EVERYTHING will be in relation to ASD to some degree. SpectrumTalk is a series of podcasts, videos and regular blog posts with the intention of building a place for people to talk, learn, discuss and raise awareness with one another.

I will have interviews with specialists regarding some things, as well as day to day mothers about simply being mothers to a child on the spectrum. I plan to have some monologue episodes hosted by myself that will be informative and intriguing; and SO MUCH MORE.

In other words, I have BIG plans for this and I hope it will become a staple for ASD households and beyond.

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