Kids size weighted blanket. Available in solid color soft fleece or cotton. Sizes vary between fleece and cotton options. Fleece blankets are approximately 48" x 60". Cotton blankets are approximately 42" x 66". Available in a variety of added weight to suit each child's individual needs. A basica formula to find the right weight for the child is calculating approximately 10% of the child's approximate bodyweight + 1 lb. (ex. If a child weighs 50 lbs, you would select a 6 lb blanket. 50lbs x 0.10 = 5 + 1lb = 6lbs). Weighted blankets are great tools for therapy, and we have several clients that have stated that our blankets have helped children with ASD, anxiety, sleeping disorders / issues, etc.

Kids Weighted Blanket (Solid Color/Fleece or Cotton)