Make your weighted blanket more than the already amazing therapeutic tool that it is by fully customizing it with a personal photo that means something to you! Choose any photo that you can send via email when placing your order and make it come alive on your very own customized fleece blanket! Choose from a smaller 4' x 5' size which is great for kids or the bigger 5' x 6' size which is perfect for a throw blanket or addition to your exisiting bedding set! 

Custom Photo Fleece Weighted Blanket

  • Please be sure to use a high quality photo, so that it will be printed to the highest possible standards. We can use any photo but if the quality is low it will be hard for the equipment to expand and blow up the photo for the blanket size and maintain good quality.

  • When placing your order, please email us the photo that you want to use for your custom photo fleece weighted blanket. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about placing your order.