Adult weighted blanket. Available in various styles and prints depending on availability. Some common options are listed, but we custom make every weighted blanket and you can request a specific theme that is not listed by choose the "other" theme option at checkout. We will contact you to get a few options for 1st choice and a few back ups, and we will be sure to check availability of your requests. Made with soft fleece. Adult blankets in fleece are approximately 60" x 84". We do not make our adult blankets any larger than our current options due to weight distribution. Weighted blankets are mostly intended for personal use and to be used as therapeutic tools. If the blanket is too big the added weight will not be distributed proportionally over the user's body, resulting in a less effective product. Our blankets have been reported by our clients to help with anxiety, autism (ASD), PTSD, sleeping disorders / issues, fibramylagia and several other issues. 

Adult Weighted Blanket (Themed/Fleece)