Adult size weighted blanket. Available in various solid color choices. Available in soft fleece or cotton material. The sizes vary between fleece and cotton options. The adult fleece blankets are approximately 60" x 84" and the adult cotton blankets are approximately 42" x 84". Weighted blankets are primarily therapeutic tools for individual use, and not so much a complete bed cover. Our weighted blankets are bigger than some but we do not make them any bigger, because the weight is intended to be proportionally distributed throughout the blanket and over the body to provide the best level of overall coverage. Different weight options available to suit each individual's needs. To determine the right weight for your blanket simply calculate 10% of the user's approximate bodyweight. (ex. If the user weighs 180 lbs, an 18 lbs blanket is recommended.) 

Adult Weighted Blanket (Solid Color/Fleece or Cotton)